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How Kamala Harris Murdered An American Success Story

Oct 26, 2020

Charles "Rocky" Hill, a local competitor, had spent years trying to put Jerrod Menz and his drug addiction treatment companies out of business. After a client died soon after checking themselves into one of Menz's facilities in July of 2010, Hill developed a close relationship with California Deputy Attorney General Hardy Gold. Five years later, when a San Francisco area hedge fund started shorting the company's publically traded shares and publishing information critical of company practices, a trio waging war against Menz emerged. Attorney General Kamala Harris and her office charged Menz and others with second-degree murder over the client's death. Although Harris was unsuccessful in prosecuting the case, Menz and American Addiction Centers would suffer financially while Kingsford Capital made millions watching the company's stock plummet. The question remains, did anyone associated with the Attorney General's office profit from the fall of the company's stock?